Siggy the Scientist 50% Faster

This item was originally introduced September 25, 2010 as both a purchasable and buildable item that will be only available for a limited time. You can build only one stove or if you purchase with Cash you get an additional stove top, presumably one of these.


This stove will cook ALL your dishes 50% faster and requires one-click to cook!

  • Setup for fast-food!

Lightning50-Construct Requirements

  Item Number needed

to build

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Golden Book Golden Book 10 2
Golden Coil Golden Coil 10 2
Goldenswitchitem Golden Switch 15 2
Golden Tube Golden Tube 15 3

* is required to buy every single individual part of the 50% Lightning Stove. You can purchase a completed stove outright with Cash as well.

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