Album Release Party is the twenty-ninth Catering Order. The story here is that the band, Kitchen Appliances, want you to cater for the release of their new album, "Preheat to 350." Think you can rock their world with your menu?


This order continues the sliding rewards scale where there are 3 timeframes available for completion, with decreasing rewards the longer it takes. In order to complete this order you need to cook and serve the following:

Album Release Party

Cater a meal that will rock your client's world!

Time:  5 days Crew Size:  14
  Serve Creme Fraiche Caviar
30 minutes  
  375 times     Unlock Cash 44  
  Serve Lavish Lamb Curry
8 hours  
  100 times     Unlock Cash 35  
  Serve Kung Pao Stir Fry
4 hours  
  115 times     Unlock Cash 32  
  Collect CD Cases   15 Ask     Unlock Cash 5 Each  
  Collect Turntables   10 Ask     Unlock Cash 5 Each  
BonusBonusBonus 3 Star Rewards
CateringPoints 10 Catering Points
Cafe points 3,500 Cafe Points
Coin 75,000 Cafe Coins
      Cocktail Weenies
BonusBonus 2 Star Rewards
CateringPoints 6 Catering Points
Cafe points 2,500 Cafe Points
Coin 50,000 Cafe Coins
Bonus 1 Star Rewards
CateringPoints 3 Catering Points
Cafe points 1,500 Cafe Points
Coin 30,000 Cafe Coins

If you fail to complete the order you can re-do it.

Getting HelpEdit

Upgrade Your Catering Business

You can get up to 14 additional Neighbors to help with this mission, for a crew size of 15. If you think it's not enough, you can add extra slots by completing Get the Proper Gear. Once they accept to help you, any part of the mission they do will also count for you. It is not reciprocal automatically. If you are cooking the food rather than purchasing it with it is very important to coordinate with them about who will cook what.


  • You do not need to start the countdown for completing the order in order to start cooking dishes. In other words, you can fill all of your Stoves up with one of the longer running recipe or recipes, depending on number of stoves, and let them finish cooking before you start the order. This can be very helpful if you only have a limited number of stoves available.
  • You are able to redo the order if you do not complete it as quickly as you want.
  • It is possible to work on this order as well as Wholesale Dale at the same time.
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