Angel Fruit Cake
  Level Unlocked at 20       
  Cost 900 Coin  
  Servings 650 Employee  
  Price per Serving 6 Coin  
  Total for all Servings 3900 Coin  
  Ready in 8 hours Cooktime  
  Preparation CP 12 Cafe points  
  Serving CP 190 Cafe points  
  Total CP 202 Cafe points  
Angel Fruit Cake

Preparing the Dish Edit

MENU Step1. Step2. Step3.
Angelfruitcake AngelFruitCake-Step1 AngelFruitCake-Step2 AngelFruitCake-Step3
Angel Fruit Cake Wash Strawberries Sift Flour Beat Eggs

Cooking the Dish Edit

Stage1. Stage2. Stage3. Finish! Spoiled!
AngelFruitCake-Stage1 AngelFruitCake-Stage2 AngelFruitCake-Stage3 AngelFruitCake-DoneCooking AngelFruitCake-Spoiled
Preheating Oven Mixing Batter Icing Cake Completed Dish Spoiled Dish

Serving the DishEdit



Event State Gift
Taste test angel fruit cake (Someone) is hosting a FREE taste testing at (Somewhere) today!

(Someone) just created a sensational selection of Angel Fruit Cakes.

Chef special angel fruit cake (Someone) is sharing a paragon of Angel Fruit Cake!

(Someone)'s Chef's Special at (Somewhere) is Angel Fruit Cake however customers are awestricken by such excellence! (Someone) is giving 100 dishes to each of his/her friends!

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