Atomic Buffalo Wings
Atomic Buffalo Wings
  Level Unlocked at 21       
  Cost 350 Coin  
  Servings 320 Employee  
  Price per Serving 3 Coin  
  Total for all Servings 960 Coin  
  Ready in 3 hours Cooktime  
  Preparation CP 21 Cafe points  
  Serving CP 46 Cafe points  
  Total CP 67 Cafe points  
Atomic Buffalo Wings

Preparing the Dish Edit

  1. Preparing Chicken
  2. Mixing Sauce
  3. Chopping Celery

Cooking the Dish Edit

  1. Frying Chicken
  2. Draining Chicken
  3. Coating Wings

Serving the Dish Edit


Cooking Mastery Edit

Atomic Buffalo Wings Level1 Level2 Level3 Grand Total
Number 18 23 30 71
Coin 6,300 8,050 10,500 24,850
Time (dd hh:mm) 2 06:00 2 21:00 3 18:00 8 21:00
Cafe points 828 1,058 1,380 3,266
Reward +16 servings +3 Cafe points -0 00:09  

Events Edit

Event State Gift
Taste test atomic buffalo wings Taste Test AtomicBuffaloWings-GiftBox
Chef special atomic buffalo wings

(Someone) just nuked a few too many wings in Cafe World !

(Someone)'s Chef's Special at (Somewhere) is Atomic Buffalo Wings today, but customers are in from the wind energy convention and refuse to support it ! Before the wings go bad, (Someone) is going to give all 100 to his/her friends !

Atomic Buffalo Wings perfect

(Someone) just served a Perfect Dish !

(Someone) is well on their way to becoming a Master Chef ! Their latest attempt at Atomic Buffalo Wings turned out perfectly, and they set aside 100 perfect servings to share with you !

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