Cafe World Wiki
General: Your buzz rating is the little picture of a green thumb (Buzz) that you see underneath your Café name.The number next to the green thumb shows you how high,or low your buzz rating is.If a customer leaves your café happy, your buzz rating will go up by 0.1.If any customers leave your café without having food, your buzz rating goes down 1.0 - 7.0 buzz.
Min and Max: The highest your buzz rating can be is 105.0 and the lowest your Buzz Rating can be is 5.0. 5.0 is the initial buzz rating when you begin playing.
  • Don't place tables and chairs where customers can't get to them. One mistake many people make is putting tables where customers are unable to be seated.
  • If the customers leave, you will lose 0.1 - 7.0 points of buzz.
  • Less buzz means less customers.
  • Less customers means less money and CP!
  • When your browser with your café is open all the time, you only need 14 tables to get to a buzz rating of 105. And if it's not important, when the buzz rating goes down for a few minutes every time you start your café. If you want to work around this you have to put in enough tables for the new guests coming in when the first guests are all eating. For this you need 20 tables. Alternatively, to prevent lowering of the buzz rating, it is possible to hide the door in the customize menu, keeping more customers from arriving.
  • Trapping your waiters allows them to serve and clean up without physically going to the tables. You can block them in with stoves, decorations, or counters by building a box around them. They will transport the dishes to the tables and clean up immediately without moving.
  • You can use coffee dishes to improve your buzz rating as each serving wil increase it by a fixed amount.