Cafe Cash is the rare currency of Cafe World. Unlike Coins, Cafe Cash can be used to speed up cooking times, buy stoves with faster cooking times, complete any objectives (including catering missions), instantly refill your energy and more.

You will be heavily encouraged to buy Cafe Cash. Several messages will pop-up per day offering you deals, or encouraging you to spend your cafe cash in various ways.

There are only a few ways to obtain Cafe Cash:

  • Purchase it from Zynga (You can spend real-world currency, or use a generic Zynga, Facebook Coins or Cafe World gift card)
  • If you play every day for 6 days, you will get 1 cafe cash. Prior to July 2011, playing for several months could increase this to 3 cafe cash per week.
  • The Scratch Lotto tickets mailed to you by friends (as a daily gift) or generated from their level-ups have about a 5% chance of giving 1 Cafe cash (on rare occasions, you may get 2 or more). Prior to July 2011, this was a 10% chance.
  • The Prize Machine has about a 5% chance of giving you 1 Cafe Cash. You get 1 free spin per day, with a chance of another free spin about every other day if you ask for Lucky Coins (under 'Get Free Spin', on the Prize Machine)
  • You can complete marketing offers under 'Earn Coins and Cash'. By signing up for a Discover Card, for example, you can earn 80 or so Cafe Cash. Some offers may take weeks or more till you are credited with the cash.
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