Cafe World Wiki: Project Food Glorious Food!, is mainly to get get an article for each recipe, equipment and special items, orders and gifts. Since the Wiki is very behind. This is very basic and even if there is missing information getting what we can is key.

Note: red (dead) links are articles needed. The lists may have typos or the article may exist under different/similar name.


Spring Melody Summer Song‏


European Symphony Susie's Tour‏‎


Breakfast In Bed (Ever After) Breakfast In Bed (Mum's the Word) Costume Party (Christmas Mystery) Costume Party (Easter Blessings) Nativity Scene (Order)‏‎ Happily Ever After Under the Tree‏‎ Orchid Trade Show Sunflower Trade Show‏‎ Carol Singing Hollywood Photo-Shoot


Gold 6x 50% Ultra Stove‏‎

Recipe Check ListEdit

Recipes needing unmastered images & statsEdit

Note: These have been added to the wiki with fully mastered pics and stats.

Missing part imagesEdit

  • Dance Sensation - Part 8 - Boquet
  • Beach Daze Goals - Day 10, Part 3 - Court Lights

Missing goal icon imagesEdit



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