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Chefs have 12 days to complete 12 daily goal lines with 3 sets of goals each to win the "Grand Prize" bundle including 2 4x ultra stoves, a premium spice bundle & a No Clean Fairy. Those who already had the No Clean Fairy will receive another 4x Ultra stove
There are 12 daily goals, 2 catering orders, "fixing up the cafe", and Parisian Souvenirs.





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Quote from Zynga the top of the Cafe World page: "Paris Nights Quests are here! Finish all 12 quests before timer ends for 2 4X Ultra stoves and No Clean Fairy! For those players who already own a no clean fairy we will be granting you an additional 4X Ultra Stove!!"


The Cafe in Paris Event is designed so that the player must log in each day of the event, or else they run the risk of missing out on an individual day's goals. If a player does miss out on the goals for a day, they can make a post request on their wall in order to get a key that unlocks the day's goals, or they can pay 5 cafe cash in order to get the day's worth of missed goals unlocked.

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