Decor describes the game elements that affect the appearance of your café and may be further described as follows:
Functional: These are items that you must have in order to have a functioning café:
Stove You must have stoves to cook food!
Counter You must have at least one counter in order to serve food.
Table You must have tables for a place for customers to eat at.
Chair You must have a chair for each eating customer to sit (only one chair per table is functional).
Door You must have at least one door in order for customers to get into your café.
Decorative: These items allow you to personalize your café with items that simply beautify the area:
Wall Plain blue or gray walls (the default) are functional but may not add the pizazz you want to your café.
Floor Concrete floors are functional, but minimally attractive.
Window Aside from letting light into your little world, windows hang on the wall to further decorate it.
Decor These items sit on the floor and add more ambiance (of whatever type you choose) to your café.

They are listed on the individual theme pages.

Flag Flags serve as another form of decoration.

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