The Catering Truck was first introduced to the exterior of the cafe on July 7th, 2010. The idea of this truck is to be able to serve food and make money from not only in the cafe, but in a truck as well. Cater birthday parties, dinners, business meetings, BBQs, and so much more! In order to unlock your Catering Truck, you need to finish the Spice It Up goal.

  • Friendly Advice
  • Recommendations
  • VIP Clients

To be able to complete your truck you will need to collect the following by sending requests to cafe friends:

  • Friendly Advice (12)
  • Recommendations (16)
  • VIP Clients (12)

For every request you accept, you are automatically given 25 VIP dinners to serve.

Catering Orders Edit

When you have collected all of the required requests, you are ready for business. If you click on the Catering Truck (from either inside or outside views), it will give you the current order list. If you click on the "Help Friends" tab here you can see what orders your neighbors are working on and help them out, without them using up a request. You do not need to be on the same order they are in order to help. By pressing on any order, you can open up the profile for it which includes what needs to be done and what the rewards for completion are.


On November 18th, the Catering Orders layout was changed to a more professional look. In this layout you can see how much percent your friend has helped. It will show the exact dishes they have cooked. With the new Catering Orders layout, you need to collect some Catering Points CateringPoints to unlock a certain catering order (ex. you need 2 CateringPoints to unlock the Fancy Dinner Party and The Banquet catering orders). You'll get some catering points after you complete a catering order.

Current known orders are:

Uncle Moneybags

The notice that you get when you unlock catering.

Limited Time Catering OrdersEdit

Sometimes there are events where you have to finish all the goals and the catering order in a certain amount of time, for example, the 1st Year Anniversary Party. If you don't get three stars within the event, but have plenty of time to redo it again, you can redo it. If you fail to finish the catering order with three stars and the event expires while you're working on it, you cannot redo it.

Limited Time Catering Orders:

Campaign OrdersEdit

Just like any other order, completing each order within the 3-star time limit gets you the most points and a reward recipe. Once you finish the order, the number of stars you earned are added to a percentage bar. The more stars you earn, the closer you get to unlocking a special prize!

Intro Screen 2

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