The Coffee Machine was introduced on May 25, 2010. After clicking on the crate you are required to place it in your cafe. Once placed you will not be able to put it in your inventory or delete it. You will be stuck with it taking up a space in your cafe until you add 1 more neighbor or pay 20 cafe cash to open it.

You can place the coffee machine after completing the cooking academy goal "Upgrade your cafe I" (the 2nd Cravat quest). There is no level limit, but practically speaking you will likely be at least level 10 by the time you get that far.

At the time it was introduced, you needed to add 5 new neighbors (regardless of how many you had currently). About five percent of Café World players commenting on the coffee machine announcement claimed they would stop playing because of this, the rest of the comments were people begging for neighbors. The number of new neighbors needed was later reduced to 3, then eventually 1.

On June 19, 2010, coffee dishes became available to serve to customers. Every time you see a customer needing coffee, you can click on them and get cafe points and coins depending on the coffee dish you brewed. In late July 2010 additional coffee disheswere added.

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