Cooked food is placed on the counters for the waiters to bring to customers.
  Name Cost Date
Cash Coin
Decorative Candy CounterDecorative Candy Counter2 3/24/10
Barrel Counter Barrel Counter 2   3/15/10
Stone Arch Counter Stone Arch Counter 3   3/18/10
Ice CounterIce Counter4   2/18/10
Turtle Shell CounterTurtle Shell Counter5 2/25/10
All Hearts CounterAll Hearts Counter6 2/10/10
Decorative Hot Rod counterDecorative Hot Rod Counter12 1/28/10
Decorative Pink Hot Rod CounterDecorative Pink Hot Rod Counter12 1/28/10
Old Busted CounterOld Busted Counter 500
Decorative Formica CounterDecorative Formica Counter 1,000 
Decorative Walnut CounterDecorative Walnut Counter 2,500
Decorative Drivethru CounterDecorative DriveThru Counter 5,000 
Decorative Glossy CounterDecorative Glossy Counter 10,000
Decorative Stone Server CounterDecorative Stone Server Counter 18,0002/25/10
Wood and BrassWood and Brass 20,000
Decorative Bling CounterDecorative Bling Counter 25,000 
Decorative Alien CounterDecorative Alien Counter26,000
Decorative Pie CounterDecorative Pie Counter 35,000 
RoboCounter RoboCounter 35,00001/09/10
Dice Counter Dice Counter3 04/08/10
Silver Space CounterSilver Space Counter2 04/14/10
Stainless Cap CounterStainless Cap Counter2 05/13/10
Stainless Steel CounterStainless Steel Counter3 05/13/10
Buffed Black CounterBuffed Black Counter3 05/13/10
Crabby CounterCrabby Counter4 05/13/10
Kitchy Kitchen CounterKitchy Kitchen Counter3 05/13/10
Deli CounterDeli Counter4 05/20/10
Fire & Flames CounterFire & Flames Counter4 05/27/10
Light Cloud CounterLight Cloud Counter 50,00005/27/10
King Tut CounterKing Tut Counter4 06/03/10
Red Wagon CounterRed Wagon Counter3 06/16/10
Taxi CounterTaxi Counter3 06/18/10
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