Introduced on April 8, 2010, the Daily Cooking Bonus rewards vary by the day and follow a sequence described below. The Daily Bonus will give prizes for consecutive days cooking. This means that you log in and prepare an item on your stoves every day. You can win coins, premium spices, Coin, Lightning Stove parts and even Cafe Cash! The only lightning stove part you seem to be able to get is Science Books. You will get this even if you have already gotten all you need. Extra books do not carry over to the next lightning stove.

Dailybonus coins feedart How it works Dailybonus coins feedart Edit

The daily bonus is now an infinite cycle, after the first day (on which you are rewarded with Coin.) The cycle works as follows:

Day in Cycle First Cycle Second Cycle Third Cycle Fourth Cycle Fifth Cycle Sixth Cycle+
Day 1, 2 400 Mystery Dish 600 Mystery Dish 900 Mystery Dish 1350 Mystery Dish 2025 Mystery Dish 3037 Mystery Dish
Days 3, 4 1 Premium Spice 1 Premium Spice 2 Premium Spice 3 Premium Spice 4 Premium Spice 5 Premium Spice
Day 5 1 Lightning Stove part 2 Lightning Stove part 3 Lightning Stove part 4 Lightning Stove part 5 Lightning Stove part 5 Lightning Stove part
Day 6 1Cash 1Cash 1Cash 1Cash 1Cash 1Cash

Note that in screenshots where on the previous day you won Cafe Cash it may show coins instead. This appears to only be a display glitch. You can share your bonus with friends. This however is no longer a Wall posting but a request you send to friends and shares the same cooldown as the normal Gift process, so make sure you only use it when the bonus is better than what you can normally send.

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