Floors are an important part of establishing the theme for your cafe.
  Name Cost Date Theme
Cash Coin
Cream Cream 5  
Timbers Ming Timbers Ming 5  
Ming Timbers Ming Timbers 5  
Pink Carpet Pink Carpet 5  
Oak Parquet Oak Parquet 10  
Concrete Concrete 10  
Minty Tile Minty Tile 15  
50s Diner Floor 50s Diner Floor 15  
Mars Mars 15  
Sahara Shag Sahara Shag 15  
Dark Blue Carpet Dark Blue Carpet 20  
Checkered Checkered 25  
Gray Flagstones Gray Flagstones 30  
Big Clay Tile Big Clay Tile 30  
Drive Thru Tile Drive Thru Tile 35  
Snowy Drifts Snowy Drifts 40  
Snow Flakes Snow Flakes 45  
Grassy Grassy 50  
Short Grassy Short Grassy 55  
Small Tatami Small Tatami 75  
Tuscany Tile Tuscany Tile 100  
Astroturf Astroturf 125  
Spanish Tile Spanish Tile 150  
Lemon Tiles Lemon Tiles 150  
Apricot Tile Apricot Tile 200  
Pink Ceramic Tile Pink Ceramic Tile 250  
Winterfresh Winterfresh 350  
Bavarian Tile Bavarian Tile 400  
Dungeon Tile Dungeon Tile 425  
Green Tiles Green Tiles 450  
Tan Tiki Floor Tan Tiki Floor 500  
Aegean Tile Aegean Tile 500  
Blue Tiki Floor Blue Tiki Floor 500  
Orange Tile Orange Tile 550  
Rose Tiles Rose Tiles 600  
Ciao Tile Ciao Tile 600  
Holo Floor Holo Floor 700 04/14/10¹
Starry Starry 750  
Dark Green Carpet Dark Green Carpet 750  
Bombay Sunburst Tile Bombay Sunburst Tile 800  
Bullseye Bullseye 800  
Dark Red Carpet Dark Red Carpet 800  
Cozy Shingles Cozy Shingles 850  
Green Deco Floortile Green Deco Floortile 900  
Patagonian Stones Patagonian Stones 900  
Glassy Glassy 1,000  
Lava Rock Lava Rock 1,000  
Flower Floortile Flower Floortile 1,000  
Watery Floortile Watery Floortile 1,000  
Two-Tone Stone Two-Tone Stone 1,000  
Slanted Slats Slanted Slats 1,050  
Lava Floor Lava Floor 1,100  
Void Floor Void Floor 1,150 04/14/10¹
Dancing Dancing 1,200  
Large Tatami Mat Large Tatami Mat 1,200  
Martian Craters Martian Craters 1,200 04/14/10¹
Electric Star Electric Star 1,500  
Stepping Stone Stepping Stone 2,000 3/18/10
Creamy Cocoa FloortileCreamy Cocoa Floortile 13/24/10
Green Casino FloorGreen Casino Floor 500 04/08/10
Red Casino FloorRed Casino Floor 500 04/08/10
Golden Goo FloorGolden Goo Floor1 04/14/10
Rocky SeafloorRocky Seafloor1 04/23/10
Path of AtlantisPath of Atlantis 90004/23/10
Shiny Yellow TileShiny Yellow Tile 80005/13/10
Shiny Purple TileShiny Purple Tile 80005/13/10
Shiny Red TileShiny Red Tile 80005/13/10
Grocery Checker FloortileGrocery Checker Floortile 77505/20/10
Cloud Walk FlooringCloud Walk Flooring1 05/27/10 Angel
Red Marble FlooringRed Marble Flooring 1,00005/27/10 Angel
White MarbleWhite Marble 80005/27/10 Angel
Sandstone TileSandstone Tile 1,30006/03/10
Puzzling FloortilePuzzling Floortile1 06/10/10 Playroom icon
Mexican Floortile1 09/15/10Mexican Theme Icon
Cloud Walk1 09/29/10Airport Theme Icon


¹ indicates that the item was re-introduced on the given date

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