Amelia-TO Toaster Oven:

  Name GID
Warmingtray Warming Tray 3281
Thermostatitem Thermostat 3282
Toasterknob Toaster Knob 3283
Broilingrackitem Broiling Rack 3284

PizzaOven Pizza Oven:

  Name GID
Pizzapeel Pizza Peel 3173
Cookingrackitem Cooking Rack 3174
Pizzaplatteritem Pizza Platter 3175
Pizzahickorylogs Pizza Hickory Logs 3176

CafeFridge Cafe Fridge:

  Name GID
Crisperdrawer Crisper Drawer 3061
Condensercoilitem Condenser Coil 3062
Doorshelfitem Door Shelf 3063
Thermostatcontrolitem Thermostat Control 3064

AmeliaSaladBar The Salad Bar:

  Name GID
Display Case Display Case 3085
Sneeze Guard Sneeze Guard 3086
Saladboxitem Salad Box 3087
Saladtongitem Salad Tong 3088

Mrsnow Mr. Snowball:

  Name GID
Silkhats Silk Hats 3001
Carrots Carrots 3002
Snowbuttons Snow Buttons 3003
Largesnowballs Large Snow Balls 3004

AmeliaHT The Holiday Tree:

  Name GID
Fairylightsitem Fairy Lights 2945
Chimes Chimes 2946
Baublesitem Baubles 2947
Exoticornaments Exotic Ornaments 2948

AmeliaCPM Cafe Prize Machine:

  Name GID
Ultracrankitem Crazy Cranks 2875
Magicalgears Magical Gears 2876
Prizecapsules Prize Capsules 2877
Coolprizes Cool Prizes 2878

AmeliaTDF Turkey Deep Fryer:

  Name GID
Largevat Large Vat 2780
Metalskewers Metal Skewers 2781
Oilcanister Oil Canister 2782
Propanetank Propane Tank 2783

QueenDeepFreeze Queen Deep Freeze:

  Name GID
Ice tiara Ice Tiara 2717
Snow gown Snow Gown 2718
Jar of lights Jar of Lights 2719
Ice shoes Ice Shoes 2720

AmeliaCC Collections Cabinet:

  Name GID
Drawer Drawer 2706
Handleitem Handle 2707
MountingBolt Mounting Bolt 2708
Paint Paint 2709

HLS Halloween Lightning Stove:

  Name GID
HauntedBook Haunted Book 2673
Candycoilitem Candy Coil 2674
Scaryswitchesitem Scary Switch 2675
TrickyTube Tricky Tube 2676

AmeliaJOL Jack O'Lantern:

  Name GID
Knives Knives 2603
Spoons Spoons 2604
Marker Marker 2605
Candleitem Candle 2606

AmeliaDB Drink Bar:

  Name GID
Bucketoficeitem Bucket of Ice 2542
Menu's Menus 2543
Napkins Napkins 2544
Kitchentoolsitem Kitchen Tool 2545

Siggy the Scientist 50% Faster 50% Lightning Stove:

  Name GID
Golden Book Golden Book 2507
Golden Coil Golden Coil 2508
Goldenswitchitem Golden Switch 2509
Golden Tube Golden Tube 2510

Captain Super Stove Captain Super Stove:

  Name GID
Afterburnergrillitem Afterburner Grills 2484
Poly-Steel Plating Poly-Steel Plating 2485
Carbon Chips Carbon Chips 2486
Turbo Tech Knobs Turbo Tech Knobs 2487

Grand Master Chef Grand Master Chef:

  Name GID
Magic Herbs Magic Herbs 2423
Secret Spices Secret Spices 2424
Ancientrecipeitem Ancient Recipes 2425
Secret Scrolls Secret Scrolls 2426

NoCleanFairy No Clean Fairy:

  Name GID
PinchOfFairyDust Pinch of Fairy Dust 2306
VialOfDewdrops Vial of Dewdrops 2307
WildflowerEssence Wildflower Essence 2308
Mountain-FreshAir Mountain-Fresh Air 2309

AmeliaCB Catering Truck:

  Name GID
Adviceitem Friendly Advice 2099
Recomend Recommendations 2100
VIP VIP Clients 2101

SiggieLSS Lightning Stove:

  Name GID
Lightningstove switch Flux Switch 1833
Tubeitem Vacuum Tube 1834
Lightningstove books Science Book 1835
Lightningstove tesla Tesla Coil 1836

Missing-SR Spice Rack:

  Name GID
Spices-Shelf Spice Shelf 1174
Spices-Large Jar Spice Large Jar 1175
Spices-Medium Jar Spice Medium Jar 1176
Spices-Small Jar Spice Small Jar 1177
Spices-Jar Lids Spice Jar Lid 1178

Pizza Oven (Buildable)Edit

GID Item
3173 Pizza Peel
3174 Cooking Rack
3175 Pizza Platter
3176 Pizza Hickory Log

Deep Fryer (Buildable)Edit

GID Item
2780 Large Vat
2781 Metal Skewers
2782 Oil Canister
2783 Propane Tank

Fridge (Buildable)Edit

GID Item
3061 Crisper Drawer
3062 Condenser Coil
3063 Door Shelf
3064 Thermostat Control

Toaster Oven (Buildable)Edit

GID Item
3281 Warming Tray
3282 Thermostat
3283 Toaster Knob
3284 Broiling Rack
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