Grand Master Chef

Since September 10, 2010, you can now build your own Grand Master Chef. You need 24 parts normally. You can purchase all parts.


Item Number needed

to build stove

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Magic Herbs Magic Herbs 8 1
Secret Spices Secret Spices 8 1
Ancientrecipeitem Ancient Recipes 8 1
Secret Scrolls Secret Scrolls 8 1

* is required to buy every single individual part of Grand Master Chef.

For one week, the Grand Master Chef will help you master dishes 3 times faster ! His power is depleted after a week but you can recharge him for only 8 Cafe Cash. Cafe World now gives you the option to recharge for a longer period of time. You can also pick 14 days for 14 Cafe Cash or 28 days for 26 Cafe Cash.

Grand Master Chef2

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