Grandma's Long Lost Apple Pie

Grandma's Long Lost Apple Pie is a gift that you need your friends to help with. When finished, you get 8 servings each worth 100 coins in your gift box. The box which asks you to forget the recipe or get help comes up randomly. After a Facebook-friend helps you with the last ingredient, the Apple Pie can be found in the gift box.

When asking friends for help, this message goes out:

<Name> is missing one ingredient from Grandma's lost apple pie recipe!
<Name> just stumbled across Grandma's long lost apple pie recipe, but is missing one! <Name> needs their friends' help to keep Grandma's recipe alive and finish baking this lost treasure!

Giving LoveEdit

After giving the last ingredient to someone else, you get to choose between eating a part of the pie and getting 50 Café Points, or eating the whole pie and getting 500 Café Coins. You can also, after the last ingredient is given, send 8 servings as a gift to your friends.

Grandma's Lost Apple Pie Gift Box Success
GrandmasLostApplePie GrandmasLostApplePie-GiftBox GrandmasLostApplePie-TryGrandmasLostApplePie-HavaASliceGrandmasLostApplePie-EatTheWholePie
  Already Eaten
  GrandmasLostApplePie-EatenIf the pie has already been eaten when you go to "Give Love", you will see this image.

Serving DishEdit


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