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Grandma's Long Lost Apple Pie is a gift that you need your friends to help with. When finished, you get 8 servings each worth 100 coins in your gift box. The box which asks you to forget the recipe or get help comes up randomly. After a Facebook-friend helps you with the last ingredient, the Apple Pie can be found in the gift box.

When asking friends for help, this message goes out:

<Name> is missing one ingredient from Grandma's lost apple pie recipe!
<Name> just stumbled across Grandma's long lost apple pie recipe, but is missing one! <Name> needs their friends' help to keep Grandma's recipe alive and finish baking this lost treasure!

Giving Love[edit | edit source]

After giving the last ingredient to someone else, you get to choose between eating a part of the pie and getting 50 Café Points, or eating the whole pie and getting 500 Café Coins. You can also, after the last ingredient is given, send 8 servings as a gift to your friends.

Grandma's Lost Apple Pie Gift Box Success
GrandmasLostApplePie.jpg GrandmasLostApplePie-GiftBox.JPG GrandmasLostApplePie-Try.jpgGrandmasLostApplePie-HavaASlice.gifGrandmasLostApplePie-EatTheWholePie.gif
  Already Eaten
  GrandmasLostApplePie-Eaten.jpgIf the pie has already been eaten when you go to "Give Love", you will see this image.

Serving Dish[edit | edit source]


See also[edit | edit source]

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