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Moyo chefs,

We just released the second part of the ice cream cart! Some of our chefs have questions about its functionality. Below, you will find some answers to your questions. Check this post often as we will update it regularly with answers.

How does the crew system work?
Like the BBQ grill, it is not required that you hire a crew in order for you to make some ice cream. In order to use your crew members to start a shift, they must first "check-in".

How does my crew "check-in"?
Your crew automatically checks-in when they play Cafe World. You will receive a notification on your ice cream cart when a crew member checks in. If your crew doesn't check-in, you can always remind them.

Why should I check-in?
When you check-in, you will receive a small energy boost.

What happens when I start a shift?
Your crew members will automatically serve ice cream to your customers until their shift is over or until you run out of ice cream. Once you run out of ice cream, you can make more and the crew will continue to serve it. If you wish to click on the ice cream bubble to serve, you can still do so.

How many servings do I have left to serve?
In order to find out how many servings you have left, place your mouse on the cart and you will see your remaining servings.

I have servings left, but I can't serve it. Why?
If you go to your ice cream menu and make some ice cream servings, please allow a minute for the system to recognize that you have made additional servings. After a few moments, you should be able to serve ice cream to your customers. If after waiting a few moments and you still cannot serve your ice cream, please refresh the game.

If your crew members check-in, the cart will not tell you how many servings you have left. We suggest that you keep clicking on the ice cream thought bubble to make sure you do not have any servings left before attempting to make more ice cream.

Can I change my hired crew members?
We can remove your inactive crew member, but you must provide the UID of the crew member you wish to remove plus the current position this player occupies on your ice cream crew. If you choose to submit a support ticket please, put "Edit Crew" at the start of your support ticket and then briefly list the information.

When I start my crew's shift, why do I have to keep making ice cream?
If you are running a successful cafe and your buzz is high, you will have more customers entering your cafe. The more customers you have, the greater the demand for coffee, drinks and ice cream! To keep up with your customer's demand, the auto serve feature may run through ice cream faster than you expect.


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