A Lightning Super Stove eliminates the need to add individual ingredients to a dish (like a Super Stove) and shortens cooking time by 10%.

As of June 10, 2010, you can now build your own Lightning Super Stove. You need 35 parts normally, and frequently Zynga reduces the number needed for a few days. You can purchase all parts.

While this was initially limited to one free stove you can now build more or you can purchase additional ones using Cafe Cash.


  Item Number needed

to build stove

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Lightningstove booksScience Book81
Lightningstove teslaTesla Coils61
Lightningstove switchFlux Switch71
TubeitemVacuum Tube91

* Cash is required to buy every single individual part of the super stoves.

Associated Goals Edit

  1. Fast as Lightning
  2. Lightning Stove
  3. Fast As Lightning
  4. Fast as Lightning II

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