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This space was initially called Mystery Spice but with the 3rd update to the Spice Rack it was renamed and the effects changed.

Starting out[]

Once you complete your Spice Rack you will start with 3 Magic Spices.


Getting Magic Spice[]

Additional Magic Spices can be acquired as gifts from your neighbors.


Possible Effects[]

Any one of the following will happen:

  • Adds 20 more servings
  • Adds 30 more servings
  • Adds 100 more servings
  • Gain extra mastery points
  • Disallows spoiling from happening
  • Speeds cook time 1 hour
  • Speeds cook time 6 hours
  • Speeds cook time 12 hours
  • Makes a dish instantly ready
  • Adds 5 percent more servings
  • Adds 10 percent more servings
  • Adds 20 percent more servings
  • Adds 30 percent more servings
  • Adds 30 cafe points
  • Adds 100 cafe points