The Perfect GiftEdit

Amelia needs your help finding the perfect Mother's Day gift. Click to get started!

  • - Spice 5 neighbors' stoves
  • - Serve Belgium Waffles 10 times
  • - Get 3 Hugs & Kisses

Reward: Worlds Best Mom Certificate


With all the great friends Amelia has why not ask what they are getting their moms?

  • - Ask for 5 Flowers
  • - Serve Eggs Benedict 8 times
  • - Ask for 5 Candles

Reward: Mother's Day Flowers

No ink for me!Edit

Dale clearly loves his mom but that wasn't quite what Amelia has in mind. Who else could she talk to?

  • - Ask for 5 Touches of Mother's Love
  • - Ask for 7 Candlesticks
  • - Serve Bacon and Eggs 10 times

Reward: Breakfast in Bed

There is some buzz to it.Edit

You've been putting so much effort asking for the perfect gift. Think about the case while you make dinner.

  • - Get 6 Hugs & Kisses
  • - Ask for 7 Red Sugar Sprinkles
  • - Serve Herbed Halibut 15 times

Reward: Mother's Day Feast

Mother's Day is ComingEdit

Time is running out. Who else is left?

  • - Get 8 Hugs & Kisses
  • - Serve Mother's Day Feast 20 times
  • - Ask for 8 Pink Sugar Sprinkles

Reward: X's and O's Cookies

A Mother's Day party!Edit

Your a hero! Amelia thought of the perfect idea but there is so much to do to prepare for her Mom's party.

  • - Ask for 7 Pastry Dishes
  • - Ask for 5 Fancy Glasses
  • - Serve X's and O'x Cookies 24 times

Reward: Mohter/Child Decor Item

The invites are going outEdit

Amelia just sent out the invites for her Mom's party.

  • - Get 12 Hugs & Kisses
  • - Ask for 10 Red Ribbons
  • - Serve Breakfast in Bed 30 times

Reward: Cafe Points and Coins

The UnveilingEdit

The Mother's Day party is the party to end all parties is here! Serve up the most delicious feast ever seen.

  • - Get 16 Hugs & Kisses
  • - Serve Mother's Day Feast 20 times
  • - Serve X's and O's Cookies 30 times

Reward: World's Greatest Mom Trouphy


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  • Official Guide [1]
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