Mystery Crate
Mystery Crates.jpg
  Cost 10 Cash  

There have been many different types of Mystery Crates, and a new set of items available from the crate appears every week. They have, nearly always been sold for 10 Café Cash (except on Memorial holiday weekend it was on special offer at 8 Cafe Cash . The following is a list of most of the crates that have been available for purchase:

  • Normal Mystery Crate
  • Sport Mystery Crate
  • Alien Crate
  • Zodiac Crate
  • Dessert Crate
  • Winter Sports Crate
  • Tiki Crate
  • St. Patty's Day Crate
  • Fantasy Crate
  • Caveman Crate

While originally, the Mystery Crate was a way to get items you couldn't buy anywhere else, it has since turned into just a cheaper way to buy a random decoration. Mystery Crates were announced by Zynga with the following message:

"Hiya chefs, we just got a shipment of 'Mystery Crates' to Café World!! Crack one open and take a peek inside...see how well your luck pays off!"

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