This item was originally introduced July 1, 2010 as a purchasable item only and on August 19, 2010 it was made into an item you can build with parts. You need 50 parts normally and you can purchase all parts. This item does not need to be re-charged and will last forever.

The No Clean Fairy was awarded later on during the Café in Paris and the Joe and Lisa's Honeymoon events by completing the 12 daily goals before the timer expired (12 days).

  • The No Clean Fairy assembly kit starter


  Item Number needed

to build

Cash needed to buy

a single part*

Mountain-FreshAir Mountain-Fresh Air 20 2
WildflowerEssence Wildflower Essence 10 2
VialOfDewdrops Vial of Dewdrops 10 2
PinchOfFairyDust Pinch of Fairy Dust 10 2

* is required to buy every single individual part of the No Clean Fairy. You can purchase this item outright for only 95 Cash.

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