Cafe Prize Machine was first introduced on November the 25th 2010. It became available on December the 22nd 2010. You can win spices, lightning stoves, Coin, or the Cash jackpot. You can claim two free daily prizes everyday with Free Plays!. To build this item you need to collect :

  • 10 Crazy Cranks (10)
  • 10 Magical Gears (10)
  • 10 Prize Capsules (10)
  • 10 Cool Prizes (10)
Item Number needed

to build

Cash needed to buy

a single part

Crazy Crank 10 2
Magical Gear 10 2
Prize Capsule 10 2
Cool Prize 10 2

Prize TableEdit


The prize table was modified in June, 2011. Coins and Energy have been replaced by food prizes (100-1000 dishes of a rare food, received as a 1-serving gift in your gift box). You can also receive special delivery parts.

The odds seem to be about 90% to receive a food item, 5%+ to receive a special delivery, and a very low chance of receiving something else.

Free PlaysEdit

It was first introduced on January the 21th 2011. You can get just only one additional free play by day.

  Item Amount
Horse Shoe Ask Horse Shoe 1
Shooting Star Ask Shooting Star 1
Lucky Coin Ask Lucky Coin 2
Four Leaf Clover Ask Four Leaf Clover 1
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