You cook your food on stoves. Except for Super Stoves (which skips all the ingredient steps) and the Lightning Stove (which boosts up cooking speed 10% and also skips all the ingredient steps), the others are for show and are just like the simple stove.

  Name Cost Date
Cash Coin ZCoin
Lightning StoveLightning Stove30-40  06/16/10
ZyngaLightningStoveZynga Lightning Stove  160
zLevel 60
Super Stove-iconSuper Stove32  03/29/10
Simple StoveSimple Stove 100  
Decorative Rock Lava StoveDecorative Rock Lava Stove6  02/25/10
Decorative Hot Tiki StoveDecorative Hot Tiki Stove6   
Ice StoveIce Stove6  02/18/10
Decorative Pink Hot Rod StoveDecorative Pink Hot Rod Stove12  01/28/10
Decorative Hot Rod StoveDecorative Hot Rod Stove12  01/28/10
Decorative Drive Thru GrillDecorative Drive Thru Grill 1,000 
Decorative Hibachi GrillDecorative Hibachi Grill 2,500  
Decorative Retro Rose OvenDecorative Retro Rose Oven 5,000  
Decorative Grillmaster 9000Decorative Grillmaster 9000 10,000  
Decorative 24 Karat OvenDecorative 24 Karat Oven 25,000  
Football GrillFootball Grill 30,000 02/18/10
Decorative Alien StoveDecorative Alien Stove 35,000 01/09/10
Decorative Hover StoveDecorative Hover Stove 50,000 01/09/10
Decorative Caldron StoveDecorative Caldron Stove6  03/29/10
Dragons Breath Decorative StoveDragons Breath Decorative Stove6  03/29/10
Giant Jelly Decorative StoveGiant Jelly Decorative Stove 28,000 03/29/10
Yellow Submarine StoveYellow Submarine Stove6  04/23/10
Sea Snake StoveSea Snake Stove6  04/23/10
Slot StoveSlot Stove6  04/23/10
Buffed Black Decorative StoveBuffed Black Decorative Stove6 05/13/10
Sleek Stainless StoveSleek Stainless Stove6 05/13/10
Stainless Steel Decorative StoveStainless Steel Decorative Stove6  05/13/10
Hotdog Roller StoveHotdog Roller Stove 45,000 05/20/10
Heavens Light StoveHeavens Light Stove6  05/27/10
Red Devil StoveRed Devil Stove 35,000 05/27/10
King Tut StoveKing Tut Stove8  06/03/10
Toy Phone StoveToy Phone Stove6  06/16/10
Taxi StoveTaxi Stove6  06/18/10
Police Car StovePolice Car Stove6  06/18/10
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