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A Basket Case[]

Amelia needs you help to find the missing egg. Put out your egg basket to keep track of what you find.

  • - Place Egg Basket
  • - Spice 3 Neighbor Stoves
  • - Serve Angel Food Cake 5 times

Reward: Cafe Point and Coins


Whoever took the eggs didn't many clues. Maybe your neighbors found some eggs.

  • - Ask for 4 Colorful Eggs
  • - Serve French Onion Soup 10 times
  • - Obtain 5 Baby Carrots

Reward: Cute Pink Bunny

Very Interest-Egg[]

You've ruled out one suspect. Who does that leave? Get back to your kitchen while you think this over.

  • - Serve Fish N' Chips 20 times
  • - Obtain 5 Cartons of Eggs
  • - Obtain 5 Cup of Sugars

Reward: Cafe Point and Coins

Green Eggs, No Ham[]

Hey! The egg nabber came back and took your green eggs! Ask for more eggs while your list of suspects.

  • - Ask for 8 Colorful Eggs
  • - Obtain 7 Cups of Brown Sugar
  • - Serve 7 Spicy Devil Eggs

Reward: Egg Server

Egg-stra Clue[]

Peter O'Brien didn't take those eggs. Your list is getting short, so put the call out for more clues!

  • - Ask for 12 Colorful Eggs
  • - Serve Loco Moco 10 times
  • - Spice 7 Neighbor Stove

Reward: Cute Yellow Bunny

Two Eggs Burgle Easy[]

What an eggs-traordinary case! Maybe the egg nabber wasn't working alone. Who would work together to swipe those eggs?

  • - Serve Gourmet Blend 18 times
  • - Obtain 6 Tablespoons of Butter
  • - Ask for 10 Turbot Fillets

Reward: Milk Chocolate Bunny

No Omelettes, Please[]

You've been up all night looking for those eggs. Think the case while you serve breakfast. What's the answer?

  • - Serve Belgium Waffles 10 times
  • - Obtain 8 Quarters of Heavy Cream
  • - Obtain 10 Cartons of Eggs

Reward: Cafe Points and Coins

EGGS-act Science[]

You found a note than reads:"Please alow me to borrow these eggs. I need them for an EGGS-iting EGGS-periments.

  • - Ask for 16 Colorful Eggs
  • - Obtain 10 Cups of All-Purpose Flour
  • - Serve Milk Chocolate Bunny 20 times

Reward: Egg Hunt Carrot Cake

Egg Preperation[]

You found the eggs, and Amelia's Egg Hunt is back on. Hurry! There so much to do before the event!

  • - Serve Egg Hunt Carrot Cake 10 times
  • - Restock your Salad Bar 10 times
  • - Obtain 8 Cups of Sugar

Reward: Cafe Points and Coins

Egg Delivery[]

Your neighbors are still finding eggs that Siggie missed. Collected them all to hide for the kids.

  • - Ask for 25 Colorful Eggs
  • - Spice 5 Neighbor Stoves
  • - Obtain 10 Cups of All-Purpose Flour

Reward: Cute Blue Bunny

Egg Catering[]

The Great Eggs Event is here! While the kids look for eggs, serve up a delicious and delightful meal.

  • - Cook Egg Hunt Carrot Cake 20 times
  • - Cook Milk Chocolate Bunny 12 times
  • - Cater the Children's Egg Hunt

Reward: Cafe Point and Coin


Special Items[]

  • Egg Basket

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