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Before commenting please read the Disclaimer below, also please check the GID: ALL page before asking for GIDs/UIDs.


This wiki will NOT be advertising exploits (since it is against Wikia ToC and Zynga ToC and if perused could get us in trouble) and may be banned then (for now I am in limbo about how much to enforce without upsetting but keeping us in the green) but the GID list it self will remain since I have confirmed with zynga the GID list it self is not considered an exploit. Thank you for your understanding.

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Please contact any of the admins if someone is breaking the Cafe World Wiki:Code of Conduct or the Wikia Terms of Use ie. Spam links, profanity, harassment, etc.

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We have created an alternate list for GIDs List of GIDs by Goals. It is new/under construction so at this point needs to be populated with GIDs listed by Goals. This is created by popular demand and is up to the wikia community to edit/update/populate and not the admins alone (sorry, I get a little annoyed when admins get told off for not updating, when it isn't our job, like others we volunteer :P).
I also created a template to reduce table code for easier updating {{GIDTable}}. It is just as if before just less space in 'Code view' and looks exactly the same when 'Published or Preview mode':
New Method
|Jelly Zombie Brain
|Vampire Blood Pudding
|ScaryBerry Pie
|Trick Treat Candy
|Candy Corn
If you are still confused let me know here

Comments Page

This for the time being is used as a Comments Post for the GID: ALL, GID Buildables and List of GIDs by Goals pages.

Note: Yes, comments for the articles have been Disabled and at this time isn't considered to be Re-Enabled and all comments portraying to that will be deleted and if abusive the user will be blocked.

Can't see your comments right away?

I did some research and this is what I was told:

"Commenting on a page does not always force it to recache. They should be able to see their comments immediately if they add ?action=purge to the end of the url. I've also found clearing my browser's cache helps."

Update: I have left a message with Wiki staff about the issue and she confirmed the above is really the only way.

Thank you and Regards,  Hollowsiganime.gif 22:36, June 16, 2012 (UTC) (Last Updated)