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• Add images such as: cookbook recipes, goals, goal parts, goal icon images, and in-game popups.

Note: Wall post items (such as goal parts, goal icon images and food item images) can be saved by simply Right-clicking on the image and Save-as method. Cookbook recipes, decor images, in-game popups/loading screens and goal images need to be saved using the screenshot[1] method.

• Please follow these formats below when naming images. It helps to keep the Wiki uniform and prevents having doubles of images. In some cases, similar images are re-used in goals but have a different name. In that case, it is not necessary to add the image again just use the old image.

-Cookbook Recipes: "Recipename" - Example File:Internetcookies.png
-Recipe/Food Images: "Recipenamewhitebg" - Example File:Internetcookieswhitebg.png
-Goal Images: "Goalnamegoal#" - Example File:Eatfeatsgoal6.PNG
-Goal Icon Images: "Goalnamegoal#icon" - Example File:Eatfeatsgoal6icon.png
-Decor Images: "Decorname" - Example File:Microphonestand.png
-Order/Goal Parts Item Images: "Imagenameitem" - Example File:Tractoritem.png
-In-Game Popup Images: "Titlesplash" - Example File:Cafewebsitesplash.png
-Loading Screen Images: "Titleloading" - Example File:Carnivalloading.PNG
Note: FILENAMES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE. Internetcookies and InternetCookies are in-fact 2 different files. Please no uppercase letters or spaces in the middle of a filename.

• When adding an image, it is necessary to categorize them in the appropriate category. If you're not sure which category it goes under, leave it blank for myself or someone else to put it in the correct category.

-Cookbook Recipes Category: Recipe Images
-Recipe/Food Images Category: Food Item Images
-Goal Images Category: Goal Images
-Goal Icon Images Category: Goal Icon Images
-Decor Images Category: Decor Images
-Order/Goal Parts Item Images Category: Goal/Parts Item Images
-Loading Screen & In-Game Popup Images Category: Category:Cafe World Images

• One last thing when adding images. Because we don't want to get in trouble with using images that don't belong to us. It is only right to give credit to those who own the image. The proper license to add to the images is:

== Licensing ==
{{Zynga image}}

• It seems like a lot of things just to add an image but it really isn't. Once you start adding images it becomes a piece of cake and if ever you're having trouble or if you have any questions, just ask! Smile

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