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The paid, early access VIP-a-Thon grants you:

  • A Limited Edition VIP Amphitheater that non-paid players can't get
  • VIP customers will visit your Cafe more frequently
Note: This offer was offered for a limited time, 1 week before the VIP-a-Thon was released to the general public.
Note: If you did not purchase the early access pack, you have to wait 24 hours for the next VIP to visit your Cafe.


On January 12, 2012, all of the VIP-a-Thon goals had their timers removed to celebrate Joe and Lisa: Getting Married. After players completed their current timed goal, they could then complete the rest of the VIP-a-Thon goals at their leisure.

Note: VIP Customer Goals are limited time goals that start once you set up your VIP Table and seat your first VIP, no matter who it is. - This time limit ended on January 12, 2012


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