Valentine Cake
  Level Unlocked at        
  Cost 500 Coins  
  Servings 100 Servings  
  Price per Serving 24 Coins  
  Total for all Servings 2400 Coins  
  Ready in 12 hours Cooktime  
  Preparation CP 21 Cafe Points  
  Serving CP 80 Cafe Points  
  Total CP 101 Cafe Points  


For a short period of time, during Valentine 2010,Valentine Cake was being sold for 48 coins. It was also giving the double amount of Café Points for both serving and preparing.

This dish was retired on March 4th, 2010.

Preparing the Dish[edit | edit source]

  1. Combining Liquids
  2. Sift Solids
  3. Wash Berries

Cooking the Dish[edit | edit source]

  1. Mixing Batter
  2. Baking Cake
  3. Applying Icing

Serving the Dish[edit | edit source]


Events[edit | edit source]

Event State Gift
Taste test valentine cake.jpg (someone) is hosting a FREE taste testing at (somewhere) today!

(someone) has baked too many Valentine Cakes and would like to share it with his/her friends in Cafe World.

Chef special valentine cake.jpg Chef Special

See also[edit | edit source]

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